Anticipating Tax Changes in 2021

No one could have predicted 2020 would end with a global pandemic, and what\’s to come for the rest of 2021 is anyone\’s guess. But in this episode, Roger offers advice on how to live with and face up to the things in life we can control, and how to let go of those we can\’t. We\’ll also unpack what we need to be thinking about to gain the confidence to navigate the unknown still ahead, all while putting 2020 into perspective.

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How Smart is Warren Buffet?

If you know who Warren Buffet is, great. If you don’t, you probably should. Warren Buffet is called by many; “The Oracle of Omaha” for his long-term investing viewpoint and his even longer-term success as an investor. He is the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (which owns GEICO among other insurance holdings) and through that insurance company owns significant interests in some of the biggest and most successful companies in the market today.

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How Do Financial Advisors Help With Tax Planning?

About 10 years ago I was having a first meeting with a person who was referred to me. It was our normal “get to know each other” first appointment. At one point she pulled out an account statement summarizing most of her investments. I asked her how she decided what investments to buy and she said she had an investment manager “back east” that she really liked. I asked what she liked about her and the response was, “she returns my calls” and “”She doesn’t charge me that much”. Well, I took a look and her account was being traded like crazy. Her portfolio was being turned over more than 100% per year. I took a look at her tax return and there were a lot of gains listed attributable to this trading. That was the good news.

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Latest IRS Scam

As the April 15 tax deadline approaches the frequency and variety of scams relating to taxes are picking up. A few weeks ago, when I walked into our house after work, Davi (my wife) had a very worried look on her face. “Are we in trouble with the IRS?” she asked. “We got this message and I am nervous.” So I listened to the message and I could understand her concern. The voice, with a thick Indian accent, said that we owed taxes and if we didn’t pay right away there would be serious consequences, even jail and forfeiture of our home and other assets. The caller ID identified the number as the IRS and was from the 703 area code. I told her that the IRS doesn’t call people and demand payment. They send letters before any phone conversations take place. A couple of days later, I read an article in the local paper about this scam and a few days after that, we received 5 more threatening messages, all left one after another, each more ominous than the last.

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