Is Cryptocurrency All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

In this episode, Roger shares his take on the chaos and confusion behind cryptocurrency, and whether it’s a wise investment for those looking to retire with security in mind.


A Review of Roger’s Predictions for the Year

In this episode, Roger takes a look back at some of his predictions, he reviews the Rule of 72 along with some financial insights.


Podcast: Taxes and Your Retirement

In this episode, Roger explains the shifting climate around taxes and the type of changes we can expect in the year 2026. He also walks us through the hierarchy of money and how you can effectively use it as a tool to help you prepare for retirement, even in uncertain times.

Podcast: What is Your Income Plan?

Roger GainerRoger holds the coveted and well-earned designations of Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RIPC®) from the American College. He is also a licensed insurance agent for life and health insurance and a Certified Paralegal for Estate Planning.


Podcast: The Six Keys to Retiring Happy

In this episode, Roger revisits one of our most popular episodes: Six Not So Secret Keys to Retiring Happy As an encore, we revisit these steps and the wise words once shared with him.


Podcast: The First Step In Your Journey To Retire Happy

In this episode, Roger shares the very first step you need to take in your journey to retire happy. He also explains the importance of knowing your “why” and answers why now is the best time to ask questions and make financial decisions.


Podcast: How You Can Retire Happy During Uncertain Times

In this episode, Roger tackles the misconceptions and mistakes people often make when they lose sight of their long term financial goals. He also explains five things to keep in mind so you can successfully retire happy during these uncertain times.

Podcast: The Future of Social Security

In this episode, Roger continues the discussion about social security. He shares some real-life examples of how he’s helped his clients make the most of their benefits, and he addresses some common misconceptions about the future of social security.


Podcast: Social Security Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode, Roger explains the role Social Security actually plays as part of a retirement investment strategy. He talks us through what his research shows, what’s really at stake, and how the wrong choice today could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars tomorrow.


Podcast: How to Refinance the Right Way

Roger discusses some of the potential tax increases currently being discussed in Congress and how individuals can take action now to minimize their tax burdens in the future. He also shares some helpful resources that will help with navigating that process.