How to Use Real Estate Exchanges to Improve Your Retirement Happiness!

Real estate income property is a wonderful asset for many folks. It has been a resource that has provided the foundation to building wealth for decades. After all, it can produce income, tax benefits and appreciation. That is quite a triple threat!

4 Things You Should Know Before You Sign Up for Social Security

There are many variations of these rationalizations about taking social security benefits early. I believe this is mainly due to folks not understanding what Social Security is, the role it plays in your retirement income plan, and how to maximize your benefits under the rules.


How the Stock Market Has Changed Over the Last 30 Years

Over the past few decades there has been an explosion of strategies and money flows from institutional investors (pension plans, hedge funds, etc.) relative to the market participation of individual investors. This dynamic change has made it more difficult for individual investors to be successful due to these imbalances in market participation.


Celebrating 30 Years, Has Anything Changed?

I recently celebrated my 30th Anniversary in this business. It’s actually been a lot longer, but I don’t count my years as a commodity broker.

The Top 5 Financial Advisement Questions Clients are Asking Me Today

Clients ask questions all the time. Usually they are based on a conversation with a friend or associate, or sometimes another family member. Lately, I have noticed a significant increase in people asking the following 5 questions. I am not sure why, other than many of them are concerned over the current volatility and uncertainty many are currently experiencing in their lives or in their minds. Whether it is due to politics, stock market activities, changing interest rates or the increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters, I don’t know. What I do know is these are questions that are making many of them uncomfortable, with many reporting it is starting to affect their ability to relax and sometimes, sleep.


Are Your Kids Going Off to College this Year?

If you have a child going off to college this fall, and they are over the age of 18, don’t say goodbye until you have taken a simple step to avoid potential disaster.


What the Raising of Rates by the Fed Means to You

At last week’s meeting of the Federal Reserve Board, they announced that they would be increasing interest rates for the second time this year and that they intended to increase rates 2 more times before the year is over. That would be a total of 4 increases, instead of the 3 that were anticipated by Wall Street. Considering how long we have lived in a super low interest rate environment, many people are worried that rising rates will undermine our economy and be a catalyst for drops in the stock, bond and real estate markets.

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Podcast: Tax Reform & How To Prepare For Uncertainty

The following is the transcript from Episode 14 of Retire Happy with Roger Gainer, a financial and business audio podcast. Roger: Purpose is understanding your why. Without that purpose, without that point, you can get buffeted back and forth with these different strategies and different challenges. Clark: You’re listening to “Retire Happy” with Roger Gainer, […]

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How to Safeguard Your Retirement Savings

In 2017 I heard from more clients, associates and friends about being scammed or nearly scammed. Over the past three or four months, there has been a major increase in scams, viruses, ransomware attacks and identity theft schemes. Given the current state of affairs, I would expect there to be many more, and more sophisticated, threats to surface in the upcoming year. Those who take a few minutes now to plan and protect what you have worked so hard to create, will likely safeguard their wealth from the variety of threats out there.


The 3 Things to Secure Your Retirement Dreams in 2018!

As the new year begins, looking back, how was 2017? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Do you look at it as a good year or bad year? Each year, at this time, I like to take a few minutes to look back, review some of the highlights (and lowlights) and then take a look forward.