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4 Critical Considerations For Every Mortgage Borrower

In my post from a few weeks ago, Should I stay or Should I Go?, I spoke about my research into how and why retirees were faced with this tough decision. Time and time again, I found that these folks had concentrated on getting their mortgage paid off as quickly as possible. They paid extra money on their mortgage or took out shorter term mortgages of 10 or 15 years. Because all of their “extra” money was going toward paying off their house, they delayed saving for retirement or their kids’ college until they finished. After all, their parents had told them debt was bad and they should pay it off as quickly as possible.

How Would You Feel if Your Investments Lost 40%?

Summer is here and you are probably spending more time thinking about barbecues and vacations than retirement and paying for your kids college. Because of that, I understand if you don’t read this, but avoiding the signs on the wall could be harmful to your wealth.

5 Lessons to be Learned from the “Wolf of Wall Street”

In one of the early scenes in “The Wolf of Wall Street” Matthew Mc Conaughey takes Leonardo Di Caprio out to lunch on his first day of work as a stock broker and goes into an explanation of what his job is going to be. “The name of the game is to move the money from your client’s pocket into yours” and DiCaprio replys, “If you can make money for your clients at the same time it’s advantageous for everyone, correct?” to which Mc Conaughey replies, “NO”. He goes on to explain how they get clients involved with blue chip stocks to start with and then move on to high commission high risk issues and trades them until nothing is left.


Invest Local

North Bay residents have embraced the concept of “going local” by purchasing goods and procuring services from locally owned, independently operated businesses. What they may not realize is that they can also apply that “local” mindset to the way they make investment and financial planning decisions.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This is one of the hardest decisions facing retired folks today. It is a discussion I have with my financial planning clients very early in our working together, regardless of their age. You see, the only correct answer is; “it depends”. I ask them if they can see themselves maintaining the property as they age.