Are Your Kids Going Off to College this Year?


If you have a child going off to college this fall, and they are over the age of 18, don’t say goodbye until you have taken a simple step to avoid potential disaster.

A Critical Financial Reminder Before You Say Goodbye

This step is one I didn’t consider before my son Matt first went off to school 10 years ago and I soon found out how important this step is for parents and students.

Once 18, They are no Longer Children! 

We are so used to our children being our kids and us being their parents, we don’t usually notice that once they turn 18, they have reached their majority and are on their own. That means that their health services will no longer speak with you, their school’s business office can’t tell you if tuition is paid and you can only help them out if they give you permission!

So if your student is in an accident and brought to the emergency room, you can’t even check on their condition legally, because the health providers are not allowed to disclose anything to you without their authorization.


What to do NOW:

Don’t wait, download a California (or if you are in a different state, the form for your state) statutory Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. You can find one to download here for California.

Keeping this on file will allow you to get health info on your child, but more importantly, you will be able to authorize treatment if they were unable to due to injuries or being unconscious.

An additional step would be to draft a “General Durable Power of Attorney.” This would allow you to pay bills and transact business on your child’s behalf. I recommend setting up a time to speak with your child about this and then put your decisions in action.

Take a Minute to Avoid Trouble Later

Use the link I provided to download and complete your durable power of attorney. If you are in another state you can call us and we will help you find one that works in your state, if your student is in another state for school, you may need one for California and there.

Whatever your circumstance, take the time to complete one of these, it may end up being the best 15 minutes you ever spend!