What is Your Financial Theme for 2015?


Growing up in Chicago, every year Ernie Banks would open spring training with a slogan; “the Cubs will be great in ‘68” or “the Cubs will be fine in ‘69” to name a few. Over the last few years I have been creating a Theme for myself each year. It has great value toward accomplishing things and being a great stress reliever.

A couple of years ago my theme was “Imperfect Action”. That year I was able to finish and implement several projects that I had been trying to get off the ground for years before that, but they were never quite ready. By taking “imperfect action” I was able to set in motion activities which are especially important to me.

This year my theme is “Fitness”. This theme covers a lot of ground, from eating right and exercising regularly, to organizing home and business routines, etc. This will be a year of increased productivity and lowered stress because of it.

Is there something that is nagging at you? Are there things that you have been frustrated about or areas where you aren’t happy with your progress? I would suggest that you create a theme for your year to overcome the inertia.

  • Is this the year you get into shape? Maybe your theme would be “movement”.
  • If this is your year to get out of debt, it might be “debt free for me” and so on.

New Year’s resolutions just seem to make most of us feel guilty when we don’t keep up. Once you have settled on your theme, then answer the following question for yourself: “If I am sitting here 1 year from today, looking back over the year, what has to have happened for me to be happy with my progress”. Write that at the top of a blank page and then write down everything that comes to mind as an answer to that question. You should end up with at least 7-10 items, more is better.

Once that is done, walk away from the list for a bit so your mind can work on digesting what you have written, then come back to your list, review it, and select the 3 most important things you will have accomplished to create that happiness. Those are the 3 things that you should focus on. Usually, if those are taken care of, everything else on the list will come along for the ride.

As I have found working with hundreds of clients over the years, the clearer you can see what you want for your future, the easier it is to make decision along the way and the more likely you are to achieve that future.

So remember to pick a theme in 2015 and have your best year so far!

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