5 Steps to Financial Fulfillment in 2015

financial-2015_adviceAs 2014 closes and we look toward the New Year I would like to ask you; how are you feeling about your financial situation? Are you confident, confused, or concerned? I know the last few years have been tough for many and, if you are reading the news, the fiscal cliff is staring everyone in the face next week. Yet, despite the doom and gloom, many of my clients and associates are thriving. They face the future with confidence and optimism. Having the perspective of nearly 30 years in financial services and having had the pleasure of meeting and working with hundreds of folks during that time, I wanted to share some observations that may help you excel in 2015 and beyond.

1. Have a vision. My happiest clients are folks who took the time to create a clear vision of their future. Know what you want. For example, do you have a clear retirement visualization? What will you do with your days: golf, travel, garden, read, volunteer? If your financial plan just consists of acquiring more, you will never be satisfied, you will never have enough and decision making will be harder without the context provided by your vision.

2. Know yourself. I see it over and over, a new client comes in and expresses anxiety over their investments that either they don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with. Your money should help you to sleep better at night, not keep you awake!

3. Stay focused. Remind yourself on a regular basis what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is a written statement, a “vision board” or a discussion with your spouse or significant other (or your advisor) have a mechanism to keep in mind your vision. It will relieve stress and make decision making much easier.

4. Keep it regular and systematic. Life is very busy and hectic these days. It’s hard to make time to take care of your finances, much less anything else. Set up a systematic process (Like the Wealth Creation Account strategy) to keep your money machine growing.

5. Remember that cash is king. During the last 2 major market meltdowns, folks who had enough cash could ride it out and even take advantage of lower prices to buy. Many investors, especially in real estate, got hurt because their cash positions were inadequate to support their investments forcing people to make difficult decisions and suffer significant losses.

Hopefully this will provide some food for thought. As we move forward into this new year. I want to wish all of you a year filled with peace of mind, good health, and happiness. Here’s to 2015, a year for you to prosper.

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